For over 90 years, we have been your partner for machine construction and maintenance in the agricultural and horticultural sector. We investigate new technologies, sustainable materials and effective solutions and develop machines that make your work easier and more efficient. Thanks to our wide range of unique proprietary products and our many years of experience with companies all across the world, we can provide you with appropriate advice and the right machinery.

About us

In this market, a lot of (unnecessary) manual labour is still being done, while at a global scale, many farmers are investing in professionality and upscaling. This requires innovative developments in the field of automation and this is where our passion lies. Ergonomics and efficiency are of paramount importance. After all, this increases your company’s sustainability, because it enables you to deploy your machines, people and equipment optimally, efficiently and for a long time. We serve customers throughout Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Our management

A team of skilled constructors, welders, machine builders and technicians are always ready to provide you with appropriate advice and the right machinery. 

Since 2019 the management of the IDEAAL consists of Pascal Maes and Koen Lemmen.

Pascal Maes

Operations Manager


Koen Lemmen

Technical Sales Manager


Jacqueline Harthoorn

Financial Controller



In 1932, ‘IDEAAL’ was founded in Horst, a town in Northern Limburg, the Netherlands. At the time, it was still known as a local village blacksmith. Over the years, we have developed into a fully-fledged machine building and construction company and have designed and developed various (patented) ergonomic systems for agriculture and horticulture that are sold and used worldwide.

Our benefits

Labour saving

Less manpower needed for the same work 

Any desired planting distance

Set the distance yourself and make the most efficient use of your space

Great ease of use

Can be used for almost any type, size or shape

Time saving

Pots, blocks and trays picked up, moved and spread in no time