Flowers & plants
Rockwool blocks


Rockwool is a natural product that lends itself well to growing plants in. It is made from volcanic rock, which makes it a circular and environmentally friendly product. That is why rockwool blocks are a favorite among growers. Our machines help move these blocks from the production area to the greenhouse, spacing them in the greenhouse and transport them to the shipping line.

Block spacing machine

Raising your plants is very labour-intensive. Our block spacing machine eases this laborious work. The deck of this machine is suitable for loading the blocks from the planting line and spreading them out when the plants need more space. This is possible both horizontally and vertically.

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Block pick-up machine

Our block pick-up machine is suitable for picking up the plants that have already been spaced apart and then unloading them onto the conveyor belt of a packing station. It is also possible to spread the plants on the ground after picking them up if they need more space to grow.

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Block transfer machine

Our block transfer machine is used for loading the rockwool blocks from the planting line, transporting them and placing them side-by-side. It can also spread them lengthwise over a small distance. The strength of this platform lies in its simplicity: with fewer actions and moving parts, there is also less risk of wear and tear.

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Docking frame

The machines of IDEAAL   all have the same undercarriage on which you can mount the above-mentioned decks that all have different functionalities. This way, you can use the same machine as a block spacing machine, block pick-up machine or block transfer machine. Now that's an ideal situation!

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Our product benefits

Labour saving

Less manpower needed for the same work 

Time saving

Blocks picked up, moved and spread in no time

Any desired planting distance

Set the distance yourself and make the most efficient use of your space

Greater ease of operation

The machine is easy to operate and has multiple decks