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Docking frame


Docking frame

As all operating machines are mounted on the same machine chassis, IDEAAL has developed a docking frame to allow the exchange of the decks. For those who want to make use of this functionality, the machine can be delivered with two docking frames. First, you discard the current deck on the (still empty) dock. Then, you can attach the operating machine you need through the other dock. This way you can easily change the decks! 

We always provide comprehensive instructions regarding the docking frame, so you can change the trays by yourself in no time.

Our product benefits

Multi-purpose chassis

All the aforementioned decks fit on the same machine

Quick and handy

Changing top decks of the machine is a breeze

Cost saving

Invest in the multi-purpose undercarriage of the machine only once

Save manpower

No manpower needed to change the decks