fruits and vegetables
Pot plants


Many different types of vegetables, fruit and herbs are grown in greenhouses. Thanks to their ideal growing conditions, this is possible all year round. With our machine, you can process several pot sizes and spread them in both directions when placing them back on the ground. Depending on the pot size and row spacing, 12,000 pots can be processed per hour. This deck is mounted on the same undercarriage of our rockwool block machines.

Electric respacing platform

IDEAAL has also developed a unique tray for picking up and separating round plastic plant pots. This deck with ten, twelve or fourteen rows is suitable for a vast range of pot sizes and pot qualities. The pots can be placed back on the greenhouse floor with a high speed, while also spreading them out in any desired distance in both directions.

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Our product benefits

Labour saving

Less manpower needed for the same work 

Time saving

Pots picked up, moved and spread in no time

Any desired planting distance

Set the distance yourself and make the most efficient use of your space

All pot sizes

Adjust the deck to your different pot sizes