Automation in
flowers & plants


Technology is becoming increasingly important in agriculture and horticulture. Automation and optimisation of growth processes are more important than ever to achieve optimum cultivation. Cost savings is also an important factor for growers, as personnel shortages are severe. That is why IDEAAL   strives for innovative solutions in agriculture and horticulture that use machines and manpower efficiently, with respect for the environment. 


Rockwool lends itself well for growing plants. That is why rockwool blocks are a favorite among growers of vegetable plants. Our machines help move these blocks from the production area to the greenhouse, spacing them in the greenhouse and transport them to the shipping line.

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Many different types of plants are grown in pots in greenhouses. Thanks to the ideal growing conditions, this can be done all year round. With our machine, you can pick up and move plants with several pot sizes. When putting them back, you can spread them in both directions. Depending on the pot size and row spacing, you can process up to 12,000 pots per hour. 

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Plant trays are widely used in horticulture and affect the growth and quality of the plants. As the manual picking up, transporting and putting down of plant trays is hard work, IDEAAL   has developed two unique picking systems to make this process easier and less labour-intensive.

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