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Block pick-up machine


Block pick-up machine

As its name suggests, the power of IDEAAL 's block pick-up machine lies in picking up the already spread plants and then unloading them at a packing station. If required, it can also be used to spread the plants further in both directions if they need more growing space. 

The machine is easy to operate. You pick up the rockwool blocks in one setting and put them back in another setting, as defined by you. This makes it very user-friendly. In addition, the machine is fully electrically powered and has no combustion engine, which makes it extremely suitable for work in greenhouses.

Our product benefits

Any desired planting distance

Determine the correct planting distance lengthwise and widthwise

Improvement of working conditions

Less labour intensive by automating processes

Great ease of operation

The power of simplicity makes this machine easy to use

Labour saving

Less manpower needed for the same amount of work